‘Instagram can hurt us’: Mark Zuckerberg emails outline plan to neutralize competitors – The Verge

Antitrust panel says the messages show Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg trying to buy out his competition. They were revealed at today’s hearing with CEOs from Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google.
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Outrage As LEC And Blast Premier Sign Deals With Saudi Arabia Tech City

However, the announcement has been met with widespread criticism from fans of the LEC. Just a few days ago the LEC had a pride focused broadcast, with talent wearing LGBTQ+ merchandise and colors, and the LEC logo being changed into pride colors. Now the league has signed a deal with NEOM, which will be based in Saudi Arabia, a county infamous for its draconian LGBTQ+ rights and laws.

Source: Outrage As LEC And Blast Premier Sign Deals With Saudi Arabia Tech City

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TikTok halts talks on London HQ amid UK-China tensions | Technology | The Guardian

Video-sharing app suspends building plans, with British ban on Huawei 5G kit seen as factor


How ‘Sustainable’ Web Design Can Help Fight Climate Change | WIRED

So van Kooten decided to slim things down. He “refactored” his plug-in, making it more efficient, so now it sends 20 KB less data. Overall, the site would use a little less energy every day.Of course, 20 KB is a teensy reduction. But since 2 million websites use his plug-in, it adds up. By his crude estimate, trimming the code reduced the world’s monthly CO2 output by 59,000 kilograms, roughly the equivalent to flying from New York to Amsterdam and back 85 times.

Source: How ‘Sustainable’ Web Design Can Help Fight Climate Change | WIRED

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Quibi versus the world – The Verge

Whitman says Katzenberg told her that, up until launch, Quibi runs on “instinct, judgement, and experience about what we launch, how we launch it, how many shows we launch, [and] the publishing schedule.” Hollywood stuff. But then, Whitman’s world takes the spotlight. “On April 7th, the day after we launch, it’s all about the data.”“We’ve designed the production and creative enterprise to turn on a dime,” says Katzenberg. “Believe me, in 60 days, we will be able to turn our creative enterprise to what’s working.”

Source: Quibi versus the world – The Verge

If anything, this will make it work.