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Google just made it easier to get around a paywall with Chrome

With the change in Chrome 76, it’ll be nearly impossible for news sites to have a functional metered paywall, and nearly every major national and regional newspaper currently uses one.



Japan approves first human-animal embryo experiments

Some bioethicists are concerned about the possibility that human cells might stray beyond development of the targeted organ, travel to the developing animal’s brain and potentially affect its cognition.


Amazon cancels podcast-inspired ‘Lore’ after two seasons

The cancellation could make some TV producers nervous. Networks like HBO, FX and Showtime have all banked on podcast-inspired TV shows in the wake of Amazon’s deal.


Underground Economy selling links from news sites

Earlier this year, LinkVidya replaced a dead link on a 2015 Forbes article by financial adviser Megan Mason, then writing as Megan Matt. The article, about improving ethical business practices, originally linked to Mason’s now-defunct accounting site, the Books Right. It currently redirects to the site of a San Diego carpet cleaning company.


Fortnite World Cup: how to watch and what to follow

Epic games is holding one of the biggest e-sports tournaments in history with the Fortnite World Cup starting on July 26th in New York City. The event will feature a $30 million prize pool and huge Twitch streamers like Ninja and Tfue.