Tesla could be the only automaker that doesn’t survive the Great Auto Disruption

But here’s the kicker: to Musk, that wouldn’t entirely matter. His overarching goal has always been to replace the fossil-fuel-powered car with an electric one. In that sense, Tesla has always been a means to an end, and ultimately, the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few. Or the one. https://www.businessinsider.com/can-tesla-survive-the-great-auto-disruption-2019-8

A solar-powered system can turn salt water into fresh drinking water for 25,000 people per day

Desalination technology is not new, but it uses high-power pumps and is notoriously energy-intensive (and therefore expensive). The solar-microgrid system that GivePower has created, however, can produce almost 20,000 gallons of fresh drinking water each day. It relies on Tesla batteries for energy storage, and it uses two parallel pumps so that the system can […]


Tijden zijn anders dan toen we klein waren. Je hebt geen 2 videorecorders meer nodig om een film te kopiëren en ook de muziekindustrie weet niet waar eerst hun legale kanonnen op af te schieten. Ik ga me niet wagen aan het debat rond wat de impact daarvan is (hoewel ik uiteraard wel een mening […]